The Truth Comes Out

Rachel trudges into the police station. It had been a long, busy day and she’s more the ready to go home. She’s hoping her husband’s ready to leave too.

“It’d be so nice to have a little quality time with him..” She thinks, walking into his office.

“I was just about to call you.”

“I figured you’re about ready to go home.”

“No, someone’s reported shots fired at Madeline’s Howard’s apartment. Jerry’s already over there.”

“Ok Joe, I’m on my way.”


Jumping up, Katelin grabs a hold of Carlos’ lifeless body and shoves him aside.

“Mother?” She asks. dropping to her knees.

“Mother, are you alright?”” Madeline still didn’t respond.
Mother, Please answer me!” She yells shaking her. Madeline slowly opened her eyes.

“Are you alright?” She asks.

“I think so.” She replies, slowly lifting herself up to a sitting position. Looking over at his bleeding corpse, Madeline lets out terrifying screams.

“It’s alright mother, he can’t hurt us anymore.”

“Oh, Katelin what did you do?”

“I saved us from being killed.” The front door flies open. Officers begin storming into the room.

“Put your hands where I can see them,” Jerry orders.  The ladies throw their hands in the air.

“We’re unarmed.” Katelyn quickly informs him.  Two of his men began patting them down while the third checks on the motionless body.

“He’s dead, sir,” Kirk replies.

“He tried to kill us. He tried to kill us!” Katelin exclaims as she’s being drug outside in handcuffs.

“She’s right the guy threatened to shoot us if I didn’t pay him.”

“We’ll sort all of it out at the station,” Jerry informs her, escorting her to the door.  Rachel pulls up as the officer’s are loading the suspects in the car.

“You missed out on all of the action.”

“I see that. So what do we have?’

“We have one dead victim apparently from being stabbed in the back. Both of the ladies claim that it was self-defense.”
“How can it be self-defense if he’s stabbed in the back?”

“That’s what I want to know.”
“What about the reported gunshot?”

“It must’ve been a stray bullet because no one’s shot.”

“So what do you want me to do?”

“Do a walk-through of the crime scene, to get your take on it, then meet me at the station?”

“Sounds like a plan.” She starts walking up to the apartment when she’s met by one of the lab techs.

“Rachel, we found the gun, it’s laying a few feet from the deceased. When we checked we found gunpowder residue on his right hand and the only prints on the gun matches his. The knife that’s sticking out of his back matches the ones found in the kitchen. It has two sets of prints. One set belongs to the daughter and the other I’m assuming matches the mother. I’ll know more when I do a comparison at the lab.”

“Thank you Kirk.”

“There’s one more thing.  We found a slug in the ceiling. I’ll have forensics check to see if it matches the gun when we get back.”

“Is there signs of forced entry?”

“No, and there’s no sign of a struggle either.”


Storming into the interrogation room, Jerry plops down on the chair. After repositioning the chair so he’s in front of Madeline he begins.

“I want you to start at the beginning and tell me everything that happened tonight.”

“Katelyn knocked on the door asking to be let in, so I open it for her. She’s standing on the porch crying. Her clothes were torn, she had bruises all over her face. I asked her what happened when this guy jumps out from behind her and pushes her into the house. That’s when he started threatening to shoot us if I didn’t pay what Katelyn owed. He and my daughter started arguing and that’s when he came at me with a gun. Katelyn grabs a knife from the kitchen and starts running toward us. I remember being pushed to the floor. I must’ve hit my head when I fell, because the next thing I know Katelyn shaking me, telling me to wake up.”

“Do either of you know him?”

“I don’t, but I believe she does.”

“Let me go talk to your daughter, see if she can confirm your story.” Rushing to the door he sees Rachel standing out in the hallway.

“I spoke to Katelyn, she confirmed everything Madeline just said. When I asked her whereabouts this morning she said she was in the park. I asked her if anyone could put her there and she said Carlo’s and his buddy Jimmy could. So I’m going to find Jimmy to confirm her story.” Jerry walks back into the room.

“I have a few more questions I need to ask you.”

“Who stabbed Carlo’s in the back?”

“My daughter did, but it’s to protect me. See He had a gun pointed at my head and she ran up and stabbed him.”

“How did the bullet get in the ceiling?”
“I pushed his arms up, right before we fell.”

“Sit tight, let me see what the captain wants to do.”  He started to walk to the captain’s office when he thought of a few more questions he needed to ask Katelyn.

“I’ve already spoken to your mom. Now I have a few things I need to ask you.”
“I told the other detective everything.”
“It’s not about tonight, it’s about this morning.”

“I told her I was at the park.”

“I know and she’s checking on that now, in the mean time I wanted to ask you if there’s anyone who’d want to hurt your father? Anyone with a grudge, maybe someone he owes money too?”
“I can’t think of anyone. Wait, have you checked the security camera’s yet?”

“What security camera’s”

“The ones he has set up all over the house. My sister Katie told mom about them. She said that dad had them installed so he can make sure I didn’t come in and rob him when he’s gone. See dad disowned me, the night I got hauled off to jail.”

“So you have a grudge against him?”
“No, I love my father. I just wish he felt the same way. She looks down at the table.  He could see tears starting to stream down her face.

“I was sick back then, didn’t know what I was doing. Of course, refusing to take my medicines only made things worse. He doesn’t understand. He just doesn’t understand.” She cries.

“Maybe someday he will.”
“No, he won’t. He’s even blaming me for splitting him and mom up, he said I ruined his family. His last words to me were you’re a psychopath and I wish you was never born.” She sobs.

“I didn’t want to do all of that horrible thing, but the voices kept telling me to. Why can’t anyone understand that, why?”  She bawls.

“Sometimes I wished I was never born too, then I wouldn’t hurt everyone I love. Why was I born this way, why? I don’t want to be like this. I don’t. I’d give anything to be normal like everyone else, anything at all.” She sobs.

“Why couldn’t I’ve just died, why? Everyone would be happier if I would. My dad’s right. I am a mistake. A big, fat, stupid mistake.” Suddenly the door flies open.

“Oh honey.” Madeline says rushing over to her daughter.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for everything. Please forgive me.”  She cries, leaning her head against her mother chest.

“It’s alright honey, everything’s going to be ok, I promise.”
“You still love me, right?”
“Of course I do, I’ll always love you.”  She says, wrapping her arms around her daughter. Looking up at the detective she quickly explains.
“She gets like this when she doesn’t take her medicine.”

“I‘ve had personal experience with this disease so I know how they can get. That’s why I allowed you to come in here, help her, before, well you know how the moods change.” Joe replies.

“She’s saying something about Stan installing security cameras in the house?” Jerry questions.
“Yes, he had them installed when I moved out. I don’t know where they’re located exactly, but Katie might.”


“Hey Jimmy, whatcha doing?” Rachel asks as he opens the door.

“What do you want now?”
“I want to ask you a few questions.”

“Can’t this wait until tomorrow? I sort of have company.”
“Well, I sort of have some questions to ask so we can either do it here or the station.”

“Ok, what is it?”
“Was Katelyn at the park today?”
“Yes, she’s at the park every day.”
“What time?”
“It was ten. I remember thinking she wasn’t going to show up because she’s usually there by nine.

“How did she act?”
“Her normal self, why?”
“Did you notice anything different about her actions, or her appearance?”

“She had some Jelly donut on her shirt and her face, she washed it off in the bathroom.”

“You’re sure it’s a donut?”

“Yes, she always stops and gets jelly donuts before she comes to the park, only today she made a mess.”

“Do you remember what she was wearing?”

White shirt, Jeans, she had another top under it, light blue tank top I think. Is she alright?”

“Why wouldn’t she be?”
“No reason.” He replies nervously.
“Don’t play dumb with me.”

“I’m not, honest.”
“Bullshit, you know something! If you don’t tell me I’ll haul your ass in for drug possession.”
“What drugs, I don’t have any drugs.”
“What’s that on the table? Jimmy quickly glances behind him.

“From here I’d say it’s enough for a warrant. God knows what else we’ll find when we search the place. Who knows, you may end up doing some hard time.”

“I know my rights and I know you can’t go snooping around without a warrant.”

“Plain sight statue says I can. So you can either start talking, or take a ride, your choice, Jimmy.” She says, reaching for her handcuffs.

“If I tell you what Carlo’s said, you’ll forget seeing the drugs.”

“I won’t tell a soul.”
“When Carlos left the park today he’s mad, said the bitch owes him money and she better pay up if she knows what’s good for her.”
“What do you think he meant by that?”
“He’d probably kill her if she refused to pay up. His face suddenly turned pale.

“Oh my god he did it, he killed Katelyn!”
“Don’t worry, she’s fine.”

“Is Carlo’s alright?”

“Thanks for your help Jimmy.”

“Wait, you didn’t answer my question. Is Carlo’s alright?” Her cell starts ringing as she walks to her car.

“Rachel we have surveillance tapes of Stan’s attack.”

“What did it show?”
“Katelyn isn’t the one who attacked him, it was his other daughter Katie.”

You want me to go pick her up?”
“No, I have uniforms headed to her house now. Did you find out anything?”
“Jimmy said that Carlo’s told him he’s going to collect on a debt Katelyn owes. Said he was mad and he threatened to kill her if she didn’t pay up.”

So she’s telling the truth.”


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