The Truth Comes Out

Rachel trudges into the police station. It had been a long, busy day and she’s more the ready to go home. She’s hoping her husband’s ready to leave too.

“It’d be so nice to have a little quality time with him..” She thinks, walking into his office.

“I was just about to call you.”

“I figured you’re about ready to go home.”

“No, someone’s reported shots fired at Madeline’s Howard’s apartment. Jerry’s already over there.”

“Ok Joe, I’m on my way.”


Jumping up, Katelin grabs a hold of Carlos’ lifeless body and shoves him aside.

“Mother?” She asks. dropping to her knees.

“Mother, are you alright?”” Madeline still didn’t respond.
Mother, Please answer me!” She yells shaking her. Madeline slowly opened her eyes.

“Are you alright?” She asks.

“I think so.” She replies, slowly lifting herself up to a sitting position. Looking over at his bleeding corpse, Madeline lets out terrifying screams.

“It’s alright mother, he can’t hurt us anymore.”

“Oh, Katelin what did you do?”

“I saved us from being killed.” The front door flies open. Officers begin storming into the room.

“Put your hands where I can see them,” Jerry orders.  The ladies throw their hands in the air.

“We’re unarmed.” Katelyn quickly informs him.  Two of his men began patting them down while the third checks on the motionless body.

“He’s dead, sir,” Kirk replies.

“He tried to kill us. He tried to kill us!” Katelin exclaims as she’s being drug outside in handcuffs.

“She’s right the guy threatened to shoot us if I didn’t pay him.”

“We’ll sort all of it out at the station,” Jerry informs her, escorting her to the door.  Rachel pulls up as the officer’s are loading the suspects in the car.

“You missed out on all of the action.”

“I see that. So what do we have?’

“We have one dead victim apparently from being stabbed in the back. Both of the ladies claim that it was self-defense.”
“How can it be self-defense if he’s stabbed in the back?”

“That’s what I want to know.”
“What about the reported gunshot?”

“It must’ve been a stray bullet because no one’s shot.”

“So what do you want me to do?”

“Do a walk-through of the crime scene, to get your take on it, then meet me at the station?”

“Sounds like a plan.” She starts walking up to the apartment when she’s met by one of the lab techs.

“Rachel, we found the gun, it’s laying a few feet from the deceased. When we checked we found gunpowder residue on his right hand and the only prints on the gun matches his. The knife that’s sticking out of his back matches the ones found in the kitchen. It has two sets of prints. One set belongs to the daughter and the other I’m assuming matches the mother. I’ll know more when I do a comparison at the lab.”

“Thank you Kirk.”

“There’s one more thing.  We found a slug in the ceiling. I’ll have forensics check to see if it matches the gun when we get back.”

“Is there signs of forced entry?”

“No, and there’s no sign of a struggle either.”


Storming into the interrogation room, Jerry plops down on the chair. After repositioning the chair so he’s in front of Madeline he begins.

“I want you to start at the beginning and tell me everything that happened tonight.”

“Katelyn knocked on the door asking to be let in, so I open it for her. She’s standing on the porch crying. Her clothes were torn, she had bruises all over her face. I asked her what happened when this guy jumps out from behind her and pushes her into the house. That’s when he started threatening to shoot us if I didn’t pay what Katelyn owed. He and my daughter started arguing and that’s when he came at me with a gun. Katelyn grabs a knife from the kitchen and starts running toward us. I remember being pushed to the floor. I must’ve hit my head when I fell, because the next thing I know Katelyn shaking me, telling me to wake up.”

“Do either of you know him?”

“I don’t, but I believe she does.”

“Let me go talk to your daughter, see if she can confirm your story.” Rushing to the door he sees Rachel standing out in the hallway.

“I spoke to Katelyn, she confirmed everything Madeline just said. When I asked her whereabouts this morning she said she was in the park. I asked her if anyone could put her there and she said Carlo’s and his buddy Jimmy could. So I’m going to find Jimmy to confirm her story.” Jerry walks back into the room.

“I have a few more questions I need to ask you.”

“Who stabbed Carlo’s in the back?”

“My daughter did, but it’s to protect me. See He had a gun pointed at my head and she ran up and stabbed him.”

“How did the bullet get in the ceiling?”
“I pushed his arms up, right before we fell.”

“Sit tight, let me see what the captain wants to do.”  He started to walk to the captain’s office when he thought of a few more questions he needed to ask Katelyn.

“I’ve already spoken to your mom. Now I have a few things I need to ask you.”
“I told the other detective everything.”
“It’s not about tonight, it’s about this morning.”

“I told her I was at the park.”

“I know and she’s checking on that now, in the mean time I wanted to ask you if there’s anyone who’d want to hurt your father? Anyone with a grudge, maybe someone he owes money too?”
“I can’t think of anyone. Wait, have you checked the security camera’s yet?”

“What security camera’s”

“The ones he has set up all over the house. My sister Katie told mom about them. She said that dad had them installed so he can make sure I didn’t come in and rob him when he’s gone. See dad disowned me, the night I got hauled off to jail.”

“So you have a grudge against him?”
“No, I love my father. I just wish he felt the same way. She looks down at the table.  He could see tears starting to stream down her face.

“I was sick back then, didn’t know what I was doing. Of course, refusing to take my medicines only made things worse. He doesn’t understand. He just doesn’t understand.” She cries.

“Maybe someday he will.”
“No, he won’t. He’s even blaming me for splitting him and mom up, he said I ruined his family. His last words to me were you’re a psychopath and I wish you was never born.” She sobs.

“I didn’t want to do all of that horrible thing, but the voices kept telling me to. Why can’t anyone understand that, why?”  She bawls.

“Sometimes I wished I was never born too, then I wouldn’t hurt everyone I love. Why was I born this way, why? I don’t want to be like this. I don’t. I’d give anything to be normal like everyone else, anything at all.” She sobs.

“Why couldn’t I’ve just died, why? Everyone would be happier if I would. My dad’s right. I am a mistake. A big, fat, stupid mistake.” Suddenly the door flies open.

“Oh honey.” Madeline says rushing over to her daughter.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for everything. Please forgive me.”  She cries, leaning her head against her mother chest.

“It’s alright honey, everything’s going to be ok, I promise.”
“You still love me, right?”
“Of course I do, I’ll always love you.”  She says, wrapping her arms around her daughter. Looking up at the detective she quickly explains.
“She gets like this when she doesn’t take her medicine.”

“I‘ve had personal experience with this disease so I know how they can get. That’s why I allowed you to come in here, help her, before, well you know how the moods change.” Joe replies.

“She’s saying something about Stan installing security cameras in the house?” Jerry questions.
“Yes, he had them installed when I moved out. I don’t know where they’re located exactly, but Katie might.”


“Hey Jimmy, whatcha doing?” Rachel asks as he opens the door.

“What do you want now?”
“I want to ask you a few questions.”

“Can’t this wait until tomorrow? I sort of have company.”
“Well, I sort of have some questions to ask so we can either do it here or the station.”

“Ok, what is it?”
“Was Katelyn at the park today?”
“Yes, she’s at the park every day.”
“What time?”
“It was ten. I remember thinking she wasn’t going to show up because she’s usually there by nine.

“How did she act?”
“Her normal self, why?”
“Did you notice anything different about her actions, or her appearance?”

“She had some Jelly donut on her shirt and her face, she washed it off in the bathroom.”

“You’re sure it’s a donut?”

“Yes, she always stops and gets jelly donuts before she comes to the park, only today she made a mess.”

“Do you remember what she was wearing?”

White shirt, Jeans, she had another top under it, light blue tank top I think. Is she alright?”

“Why wouldn’t she be?”
“No reason.” He replies nervously.
“Don’t play dumb with me.”

“I’m not, honest.”
“Bullshit, you know something! If you don’t tell me I’ll haul your ass in for drug possession.”
“What drugs, I don’t have any drugs.”
“What’s that on the table? Jimmy quickly glances behind him.

“From here I’d say it’s enough for a warrant. God knows what else we’ll find when we search the place. Who knows, you may end up doing some hard time.”

“I know my rights and I know you can’t go snooping around without a warrant.”

“Plain sight statue says I can. So you can either start talking, or take a ride, your choice, Jimmy.” She says, reaching for her handcuffs.

“If I tell you what Carlo’s said, you’ll forget seeing the drugs.”

“I won’t tell a soul.”
“When Carlos left the park today he’s mad, said the bitch owes him money and she better pay up if she knows what’s good for her.”
“What do you think he meant by that?”
“He’d probably kill her if she refused to pay up. His face suddenly turned pale.

“Oh my god he did it, he killed Katelyn!”
“Don’t worry, she’s fine.”

“Is Carlo’s alright?”

“Thanks for your help Jimmy.”

“Wait, you didn’t answer my question. Is Carlo’s alright?” Her cell starts ringing as she walks to her car.

“Rachel we have surveillance tapes of Stan’s attack.”

“What did it show?”
“Katelyn isn’t the one who attacked him, it was his other daughter Katie.”

You want me to go pick her up?”
“No, I have uniforms headed to her house now. Did you find out anything?”
“Jimmy said that Carlo’s told him he’s going to collect on a debt Katelyn owes. Said he was mad and he threatened to kill her if she didn’t pay up.”

So she’s telling the truth.”


Settling Old Scores

Within a few minutes, the peaceful little neighborhood’s woken by sirens, as patrol cars began lining the streets.  Nosy neighbors started congregating out on the lawns, trying to figure out what had happened in their sleepy little community. Seeing all the interest, the captain instructing his men to canvas the neighborhood, see if they can locate witnesses.His partner Rachel volunteered to interview the maid since she’s the one who discovered the body. With everyone busy caring out their assigned tasks, Jerry, the lead decides to take a look around inside the house..

“There doesn’t see any sign of a struggle. Maybe the maid cleaned it up.” He thinks. Walking through the hallway, he meets his old buddy Kirk. He’s a hard working dedicated man who’d just started the police force a few years ago. With his help he hopes the young rookie will become detective soon.“What can you tell me, Kirk?”

“What can you tell me, Kirk?”

“Well sir, we haven’t found any signs of forced entry, and there’s no sign of a struggle. So we’re assuming the victim knew the person, let them in the house. The perpetrator waited until he wasn’t looking and hit him in the back of the head with this.” He says, lifting up the bronze statue. I checked for fingerprints and found four different sets. I’ll run them when I get back to the station. We found this lying beside the victim’s body. According to the fibers, I’d say it came from a woman’s navy blue jacket.”

“Where did all the water come from?” He asks stepping off of the soggy carpet.
“From the tub, apparently he’s getting ready to take a bath when his visitor shows up.”

“So the attack happened sometime this morning?”

“Yes, sir. Calculating the stream of water coming out of the faucet, and comparing that to the overflow, I’d say he was hit no more than an hour ago.”

“Good job, son.”
“Thank you sir.” Smiling Kirk gets back to work.

The detective sees  the housekeeper’s leaning against the edge of the porch railing, smoking a cigarette.  Walking over to her the detective notices the woman’s hand trembling, as she tries to bring the cigarette up to her mouth. Poor thing, she thinks picking up her speed.

“My name Is Rachel Webb I’m with the Berryville Police Department. I heard you’re the one who found the victim?”
“Se, Se I found Mr. Stan laying on the den floor when I came in this morning.”
“What time was that?”
“9:30. I always start my cleaning at 9:30.”

“Did you see anyone else in the house?”
No, no just Mr. Stan and I.” She takes another drag from her cigarette before recanting her statement.

“Someone could’ve been hiding. I didn’t look I saw him and ran out of the house.”

“Do you know anyone who might want to hurt him?”
“Se his wife, he kicked her out three months ago. There’s been bad blood between them ever since.”

“Is there anyone else who’d hurt your boss?”
“Se his oldest child Katelyn. He’s always worried she’d come back and hurt him. Mr. Stan told me not to let her in that I should call the police if I see her around the house. Guess they had a bad fight, haven’t spoken in years.”
“Is there anyone else you can think of that might want to hurt him?”
“No, no that’s all.”

“Well if you think of anybody else, call us alright.” Rachel says, handing Marie her card.” Glancing towards the porch, Rachel sees the paramedics wheeling the victim out on a gurney. Jerry’s right behind them.

“How’s the victim?” She asks, walking towards her co-workers.
“He’s alive. The paramedics said he started mumbling I can’t believe she’d do this to me.”

“Did he specify who he’s talking about?”
“No, the EMT’s asked him, but he kept mumbling the same phrase.”
“The maid said he kicked the wife out of the house three months ago, and he and his oldest daughter’s estranged. So I’m going to go talk to them. She turned to leave when she sees Marie rushing toward her.

“Miss Rachel, I thought of someone else who might want to harm him.”
“I guy named Carlos. Mr. Stan said he’s bad news, said he threatened to kill him if he didn’t pay up.”
“Did Mr. Howard call the police?”
“No, my boss didn’t want any trouble so he paid him.”
“Do you know the guys last name, or what he looks like?”
“No, he always came after I left and Mr. Stan always referred to him as Carlos.”

“Did you clean anything today?” Jerry asks.

“No, I see his car in the driveway so I go check on him first. When I saw him on the floor I ran out of the house. I’ll go in and clean now.”

“Since this’s an active crime scene, you won’t be able to clean today. We’ll tell you when you can alright.”

“Please tell him so he won’t get mad and fire me.”

“We will. Thank you. Maria, you’ve been very helpful. Well, I’m going to go talk with his children and wife, Jerry.”

“ I’ll finish up here.”


Madeline’s working on a beautiful sunset when she hears banging on the front door. Looking out the kitchen window, she sees a squad car in the driveway.

“Oh my god, something’s happened to Katelyn!” Running to the front door she throws it open.

“I’m Rachel with the Berryville…”
“What happened to Katelyn, is she alright?”

“We’re not here about her. I need to talk to you about your husband. Where were you this morning between eight and ten?”

“I’ve been here all day.”

“Can anyone verify that?”

“Katelyn was here until she left for work at 8:30.  Then my youngest daughter Katie visited rafter she left. What is all this about?”

“Your husband’s found lying unconscious, barely breathing in his home this morning.”

“Unconscious! Oh my god, I have to get to the hospital.” She says, scooping her keys off the peg. The detective blocks her in the apartment.

“I need to ask you a few more questions first.  Where does Katelyn work?”
“At the cosmetic department at Macy’s. I really need to go be with him.”
“Give me Katie’s home address and you can leave.”
“It’s 51 Country Court, now am I free to go?” She asks impatiently.

“For now, but I might need to ask you a few more questions later.”

“I’ll be here, or the hospital. Grabbing her purse, she bolts out the door. Walking down the driveway, Rachel sees the captain pulling up behind her car.

“I’m going to visit Katelyn at work and visit the other girl, Katie to verify the wife’s alibi for this morning.”
“You don’t think she did it?” He asks pointing to Madeline.

“The way she reacted to the news and spouted off two alibi’s without even thinking I doubt it. I’m still going to have patrol keep an eye on her. Katelyn has a history of violence and her and the father’s estranged so I’m not ruling her out so quickly. “

“I’m headed to the station, so keep me informed, alright?”
“Yes sir.”


Jerry’s searching the house for evidence when Jeff approaches him. He’s fresh out of the academy still had a lot to learn. Like Kirk, the guy has potential if someone takes the time to train him right.

“Jerry, his youngest daughter Katie’s here. She wants to know what’s going on.”

“I’ll go talk to her. Thank you.” Walking out on the lawn he sees a distraught daughter screaming, as two officers attempt to hold her back.

“It’s ok I got it.” He says, the officers quickly releases her.

“My name is Jerry and I’m with the Berryville police department.”

“What happened to my father? Is he alright?”

“Your father’s found lying unconscious on the floor this morning. Evidently someone hit him in the back of the head.”

“Where is he?”

“The paramedics took him to Carroll Regional.”

“I’ve got to get to the hospital.” She says, turning towards her car. Reaching out, Jerry grabs her arm.

“Wait, I need to ask you a few questions first.”

“My father could be dying and you want to ask me questions?”
“I understand you wanting to be with your father, so I’ll be brief. Where were you between eight and ten this morning?”
“I dropped the girls off at school, went to the bank, post office, and then visited mom. After that, I went to the grocery store then came here?”

“What time did you visit your mother?”
“It was almost ten.”

“Do you know anyone who’d want to hurt your father?”

“No, I really need to go.” She says rushing to her car.


Walking into the large department store, Rachel began looking around. She hadn’t been in here since she was a little girl. This’s her step mother’s favorite place to take her to buy school clothes. It hasn’t  changed a bit/ She thinks. Glancing around she sees an older, heavy set lady standing at the cosmetic counter.

“May I help you?” The lady asks eyeing her appearance closely.

“Yes I’m here to see Katelyn Howard.”

“I’m sorry, but she isn’t working today. Perhaps I can help you with something.”

“When will she be back?”
“She won’t be coming back today, or any other day.”
“She’s fired?”
I’m afraid so, quite some time back. I know just what you need.” Pulling out a few fancy white bottles from the glass cabinet, she carefully arranges them in front of her.

“Not today, thanks.” She replies walking away.

“I can make you look like a new women, in just a few minutes. You’ll look so good your husband won’t know what to think about the new you. The lady continued, as the detective hurries towards the door.

“My husband doesn’t know what to think about the old me sometimes.” Laughing, she walks out into the bright afternoon sun.


Wanting to stop the cerebral hemorrhage, and reduce swelling on the brain, the doctors rushed Stan off to surgery. The doctors then decided to keep him in a medically induced coma, until his condition improved. After being allowed to see him briefly, both Madeline and Katie decided to go home, get some rest. Wanting to be close to the phone, Madeline decided to sleep on the lumpy sofa she’d purchased at a second-hand store. After an hour of tossing, and turning, she grabbed the remote and began surfing channels, hoping to be bored to sleep. She’d just started watching a classic when she’s startled by a loud bang. Listening a little closer, she realizes someone’s pounding on the front door. Wrapping her housecoat around her, she walks over to the entranceway.

“Who is it? “  She yells through the door.

“Mom it’s me, can you please let me in.”

“Oh for heaven sakes.” She  mumbled, fumbling with the locks. Throwing it open she sees Katelyn standing half naked on the porch. He hair’s a tangled mess and her makeup’s smudged with two long streaks of mascara running down either sides of her face. Looking a little closer she notices fresh bruises.

“Are you alright?” She asks.

“I’m sorry mom. I’m so sorry. I messed up, real bad this time.” She cries. Madeline starts to pull her inside when she sees a tall, muscular man step out from behind her. His hair’s long and greasy.  He had numerous piercings along his dirt smudged face.  Pushing the distraught young women in the apartment, he slams the door behind them. The sudden gust of wind sent an overwhelming smell of body odor through the room, making Madeline gag.

“What do you think you’re doing?  Barging into my house in the middle of the night?”  She asks, backing away from the rancid odor.

“Your daughter owes me money, and I came to collect.”

“Don’t listen to him mom!”

“Shut up, bitch!” He yells tossing her on the floor.

“Get out of my house, now!” Madeline screams.

“Give me my money and I will!”

“I’m not paying you a damn dime. So get out before I call the cops.” Reaching inside his jacket, he pulls out a revolver.

“Either pay up or I’ll kill you both.” He says, pointing the gun at her. Frightened she glances over at her daughter. She’s curled up in the corner of the kitchen crying.

“How much does she owe you?” Madeline stutters, reaching for her purse.

“I figure all the blow she snorted comes to five hundred dollars.”

“Five hundred dollars!” She exclaims

“You’re full of shit, Carlos, I don’t owe you a dime.” The daughter blubbers

“That’s what I should have gotten back from your sales today.”
“I told you I gave the money to Diego.”

“That’s not what he’s claiming. He says he found you lying on a bench all strung out. When he asked for the money you said you hadn’t sold a thing. When he asked for the drugs, you took off running to your car.”

“Well he’s lying! I gave every last dime I made to him!” She screams.
“What’s going on?” Madeline asks.

“Your precious little girl’s been selling coke for me. Today she snorted up all the profits.”

“Is it true?” She asks looking over at Katelyn. Seeing the disapproval on her mom’s face, she started bawling. She’s gotten really good at crocodile tears and fabricated stories through the years.

“I didn’t want to sell for him, but he made me. He said he’d kill us both if I didn’t start paying off an old debt.” She blubbers.

“That’s a lie! You begged me for a job.”

“He’s lying, I wouldn’t break my promised to you. Not after all you’ve done for me.” She cries.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but I want you to leave, Carlo’s.”

“Pay me the money, or both you bitches die!” He yells. Getting a firm hold on Madieline’s  housecoat, he shoves the gun into her forehead.

“No one threatens my mother!” Grabbing a knife off of the kitchen counter she runs towards them.

“Katelyn no!” She warns. Her daughter continued racing towards them. Raising her left arms up, Madeline smacks Carlo’s arm, causing it to fly towards the ceiling. Katelyn raises her weapon up and plunges the long, sharp weapon between his shoulder blades. Carlo’s squeezed the trigger, as the three tumble onto the floor.


Katelyn’s Story The Haunting Past

Since Katelyn’s release from the hospital, Madeline’s sold three additional pictures to the art gallery The owners loved her

paintings so much, they begged her for more. Offered to double the amount if she can paint four pictures by the end of the

month. Later her friend Ariella explains how one of their clients admired her artistic style and wanted to display her pictures at

his art gallery in Paris. She couldn’t believe it. Her work, traveling all the way to France.

“You didn’t think I had what it takes, did you, Stan. Always telling me my art’s a waste of time and your precious money. I

proved you wrong, again.” Smiling, she puts the third picture on the table to dry. Since she moved to the two bedroom

apartment, she’s had to set up her art projects in a corner of the kitchen. She often misses the spacious studio, but figures

giving up her fancy work area’s a small price to pay for happiness.

“What should I paint next?” She thinks grabbing a new canvas.

“I’m headed to work.” Her eldest child replies, walking toward the entryway. She’s been employed at the cosmetic department

for the last couple of months. Although she often comes home frustrated at the customers, she seems to enjoy her job,

overall. Remembering all the makeup catastrophes the girl experienced growing up, she laughs. Who knew that all those disasters would turn my troublesome child into a makeup artist? She chuckles.

“Will you be home for dinner?”

“No, I planned on hanging out with a few friends tonight. I won’t be in until later since tomorrow’s my only day off.”

“Well stay safe.”

“Don’t worry mom, I will.” She starts walking out the door. Everything’s going really well for her oldest child, but she still has a

A lot of concerns about her well-being. She worries about her not taking her medicine, she’ll get in with her old crowd, or she’ll

be raped again. No matter how many times she reassures her mother, she’s not in the drug scene anymore, or how many

defense classes the young woman takes, the nagging feeling always seemed to return. They’ve talked to the therapist

extensively about her feelings. The therapist continues to reassure her that her daughter’s making a lot of improvements, and

deserves her freedom. She disagrees. She knows how her child can do so well for a few months, then one day she’ll slip up,

and all her hard work will be for nothing. She explained the pattern to the therapist too. The counselors told her Katelyn’s

older now, more mature and understands the consequences, if she chooses the wrong path. No matter what anyone says or

does her anxiety never seems to go away?

“I love you, honey.”

“Love you too mom.” She replies, jogging down the sidewalk to her car. Placing the canvas on the easel, she tried to imagine

her next painting. No matter how hard she tried to get her mind on her art, the sinking feeling kept gnawing away at her.


Peeling himself off the couch, Stan glances towards the bright morning sun, blaring from the large picture window. I need to

remember to close the drapes he thinks. Holding his aching head, he stumbles off to the adjoining bathroom. Hoping to find

some sort of hangover relief. He starts to open the medicine cabinet when he notices his haggard reflection in the mirror, he

stops and take a closer look. His face’s pale, pasty and housed more wrinkles than what you’d see on an eighty-year-old man.

Looking a little closer, he noticed bags the size of saucers had somehow taken up residence underneath his eyes overnight. I

got to stop the nightly drinking. He reasons, staring at the old man looking back at him. At sixty-four, he knew he wasn’t a

spring chicken. His thinning hair and achy bones often reminded him of that.  He doesn’t’ want to look like some withered up

old prune before his time.

“This is all your fault, Madeline. You and that damn daughter of yours. If it wasn’t for all the hell you’ve given me, I wouldn’t

have to drink every night.” Stripping off his clothes, he tosses them on top of the large pile in the corner.

“I’m glad Marie’s coming in today.” He says, inventorying the mess. He hired Marie to cook and clean for him three days a

week. At first he thought she’s a luxury, but soon realized Marie’s a necessity since his wife’s no longer there to take care of


“In our twenty-five years of marriage that’s the only thing my good for nothing wife ever did right.” He concludes. He starts to

adjust the water in the tub, when he hears a loud commotion coming from the front of the house. Looking up at the clock he

realizes it’s still too early for his maid” Throwing on his robe, he runs to the noise.

“Everything seemed to be where I left it. Maybe it’s those damn stray cats getting into the garbage.” He concludes, walking

back towards the bathroom. Stepping into the homey den, he felt something hard smashed against the back of his head,

He falls to the hardwood floor. Quickly turning around, he looks up at his attacker.

“Why are you doing this to me? After all, I’ve done for you? He cries. Smiling, the attacker’s slams the large, metal object down

on his head.


Finally deciding on a theme for her painting, Madeline starts choosing colors for her new creation when she hears someone

knocking on the door.

“Just a minute.”  She yells, busily emptying her hands. Glancing up, she sees her youngest child, Kate, walking towards her.

“I thought I’d stop by see how thing’s going.”

“Everything’s great. Yesterday the art gallery told me they have a buyer who wants to display my art in Paris. Can you believe

it, honey? My paintings’ traveling all the way to France.”

“Congratulations, mother.”

“I’d love to go the house and rub my news in your dad’s face, just for spite. How is the old geezer anyhow?”

Miserable, he’d like for you to come home.”

“Did he say he says that”

“Dad will never admit it, but everyone can tell by the way he moves around that he misses you, mother.”

“Well, I sure don’t miss him.” A long uneasy silence filled the air. She figured it had something to do with Stan. He’s probably

convinced Kate the augment, the break up’s her fault. Making him the victim in all of this, forcing her to choose sides. He use

to play these games when she was younger too. Every time she and Stan argued, he’d take Kate places, do things with her,

and buy her nice gifts, while completely ignoring the eldest child. Madeline confronted him about it. He informed her he’s

making up for all hell the youngest child has to go through. She knew it’s his way of making sure she’d always be a daddy’s

girl that she’d choose him over her.

“Your sister’s doing well. Still working at the department store, taking her medicine.”

“That’s good. Maybe she’ll be able to get her own place soon.” The girls haven’t spoken since the night at the hospital. She

tried to get the two to talk, but they refused to be in the same room for more than a few seconds. Kate’s stubborn like her

father, won’t even allow her two daughters near the apartment, if her sister’s home. When she does let the children visit, they

seem so distant. This hurts her, because the girls were grandma’s little angels, before the fighting began.

“How’s the girls?”

“They’re doing great.

“Tell Ashley, and Abby grandma loves and misses them.”

“I will, well I better go, have lots of errands to run.” She says running for the entryway.

“Love you honey.”

“You too mother.” She replies quickly closing the door behind her. Madeline plops down on the worn out sofa.

“I feel like I don’t even know her anymore.” She cries.


Getting out of her car, Katelyn walks to the picnic table, sitting in the far corner of the park. She’d lost her job at the cosmetic

department after the third day.  The boss said he won’t tolerate her being rude to the customers and fired her on the spot. She

wasn’t being rude, she’s just explaining to the lady the makeup she chose wouldn’t look good on an older person. The old hag

became offended and reported her to the manager.

“I should have told the old bat what I was really thinking, that nothing will help her ugly mug.”  Smiling, she sits down on the

bench.  Luckily she met Carlos at a coffee shop nearby. After explaining to him what had happened, he offered her a job that

doubled her salary. So now she gets to sit out in the park all day, waiting for potential customers. The best part of all is she

gets to sample the product for free.

“You’re late!”

“Sorry, I had something I needed to take care of, some unfinished business.”

“Go get cleaned up.” Confused by his statement, she glances to where Carlos is pointing. She noticed a small drop of red

liquid had splattered on her shirt.

“There’s some on your forehead too.” Jumping up, she runs off towards the bathroom.

“Good thing he saw the mess.” She thinks pulling paper towels out of the dispenser.


“Mr. Stan, are you home?” Marie yells, plopping her purse and keys down on the only clean area on the counter. She’d

offered to come in five days a week. Told him she’d only charge an additional $25. He said he hired her to work three days

and if she can’t handle the load, he’d replace her. She informed him she could handle the work, but thought he’d rather her

clean more frequently, so he didn’t have to live in a messy home. She didn’t lie, she can handle the work load, but finds it very

difficult to get all the housework completed, exactly the way he wants it, in such a short amount of time.  He’s so particular

about every little thing, Marie’s surprised the misses stayed with him as long as she did.

“I hope he hasn’t overslept again.” She replies. Stepping around all the trash scattered across the floor, she heads to the den.

Halfway down the corridor, she notices two feet sticking out in the hallway.

“Mr. Stan, are you alright, sir?” She asks, running into the room.  Looking down at the floor she sees his half naked body lying

motionless in a large puddle of blood. Letting out a terrifying scream, she darts out of the house.


Profile of an Abuser

People find abusers to be charismatic, assertive and self-reliant. The predator can be impulsive, and has a quick temper. They’ll restrain themselves if necessary. These two roles keep others from seeing the violent side and it hides the insecurities, self-esteem issues. These problems and the inability to express hurt, fear, sadness, that’ll cause the predator to resort to violent methods, the way they’re taught as children. The assailant continues to keep the emotions bottled up until they explode and takes their anger out on the mate.

If you look at the childhood you’ll find an abnormal attachment to the mother, and they’ve been rejected, beaten emotional, mentally and physically and possibly humiliated by the father. The mom’s loving one day and distant the next day. This gives the child mixed feelings, which causes insecurities.

Usually, the antagonist brings in income and makes final decisions. They’ll need to feel successful both at home and work, wants constant praise, but never asks for it because that’ll show weakness. The perpetrator has complete control over the lover’s lives and be very possessive and believes they own them.

Many try to isolate the target and seldom has close friends. If authority’s question the attacker become abusive, blaming the partner or others for the actions. The destruction can be emotional, physical, or mental. The attacker rationalizes the actions by saying things like, if you’d just do what I asked I won’t hit you, or deny the incident occurred. Drugs and alcohol’s shown to play a part in the violence while only a small percent has a mental illness.

Types of Abuse

This includes, but isn’t limited to hitting, punching, slapping, shoving, kicking, throwing, choking, pinched, burning, hair pulling, being force fed, use of a weapon, tie, or pinning the target.

Unnecessary, unwelcome touch, forcing intercourse. Causing pain during sex. Withholding, or using sex to punish. Showing someone pornography, or telling dirty jokes against their will, giving explicit details about sexual affairs, treating someone like a sex object, sexual accusations.

Yelling, screaming, breaking objects, throwing items around the room hitting something. Beating a pet, creating fear through looks, actions, or showing a weapon,

Fits of anger, or ignoring the spouse. Belittlin’, name calling, brainwashing, blaming, denying the incident happened. Attacking the targets beliefs.

Put down, playing mind games, blaming the victim for everything, causing the person to feel guilty, useless and helpless. Lack of privacy, making the target believe they’re losing their mind. Humiliating, scolding, yelling at the sufferer in public, treating the prey like a child, having the suffer check in often, denying basic rights, including decisions. Forcing the victim to degrade themselves, show no interest in the mates work, hobbies.

Setting limits on when and how long the target can be out, forcing the victim to disclose every movement as the abuser monitors the activities. The perpetrator could show a lack of affection to punish. The attacker might turn people against them, or make it difficult for the person to visit friends without being criticized, or humiliated. The batterer could listen in on phone calls, reading mail, emails and prevent medical treatment,

The antagonist doesn’t allow their prey any money, making the sufferer ask for basic necessities. If the lover obtains money the perpetrator could steal it, or force the person account for every penny. The victim’s unemployed, or finds it difficult to keep a job.

Making and possible following through with the threats. Coercion also includes using threats to force them into doing things; dropping criminal charges, illegal activities, having sex

Threaten to harm, or kill the prey. Showing the victim weapons, or playing with a weapon in front of the sufferer. Tieing something around the neck as they threaten to choke their prey.

Withholding the basic necessities, food, water, housing, clothes, medical, personal hygiene. Lack of safety concerns.

Signs of a Batterer

Wants complete control over everything.
The predator has abandonment issues.
Extremely jealous, says the mate’s flirting when she’s not
Believes people’s cheating.
Wants to spend every minute with his partner.
Had some type of childhood shame which resurfaces if rejected.
gets mad or becomes verbally abusive if she tries to help.
Very suspicious and often overreacts to the slightest thing.
They’ll find fault in everything she does, says. A defense mechanism learned and used from early childhood. It gives the assailant a reason to push her away, not let her get too close. So they won’t have to risk being rejected, abandoned.
As time progresses the abuser believes all women are disloyal and be skeptical of everyone.

Stages of Abuse

In the beginning, he’s madly in love, feels adequate complete. Then suspicion starts creeping in and his emotions start building. Eventually, he becomes angry. At first it’s just yelling, throwing things, slamming doors, punching walls, threatening her. Over time, it increases to physical violence and possible use of weapons.

Once he calms down, he’ll apologize, promising not to do it again. The batterer might shower her with love, gifts, treats her like a queen. She forgives the lover.

Everything’s going great. She makes excuses, covers up bruises, or explain it away. The sufferer refuses outside help. She’ll drop charges because in her mind it won’t happen again. For a while, it doesn’t then one day the violence starts. The beating’s worse than the last. It’ll continue to intensify until the partner either gets years of therapy, she leaves or she dies.

My book Town Slayer is about a battered wife, who after she’s released comes back and kills the batterers. Of course, you know murder’s illegal and immoral.

In reality a women’s beaten by her partner every second and a half, out of these women at least four dies.

I know your significant other says they’re sorry, it’ll never happen again, but please don’t believe it. The beatings become worse and then one day one of these dead women will be you.

If you don’t have anywhere to go, or they threatening to kill you if you leave. The police can and will protect you.

Please, call 911 or the number below, before it’s too late.
1800 799 SAFE that’s 1-800 799-7233.

No matter what your mate says you don’t deserve this, you’re on earth for a reason and you do matter! So please get help before it’s too late.


Profiling a Female Serial Kiiler

Criminal profiling helps the police narrow down a suspect list, get a better understanding of who they’re dealing with, and help them capture the criminal. When mystery writers utilize this tool, they’re able to build strong believable characters. One character that plays an extensive role in mysteries is female killers, and this is what we’ll discuss today.

To be classified as a serial killer, the predator has to kill at least 3 people at different points in time. They might murder a few at one time, but it’s never a large amount.

Looking into the killer’s background you’ll see the criminal came from either a broken home or dysfunctional family. There will some type of abuse involved, whether it’s mental, physical or sexual. You’ll usually find they first started by killing small creatures and committing petty crimes.

Former female serial killers use to stage the deaths to resemble an accident. While others made the death seem like it’s the result of an illness or natural causes. She’ll know the victims and the motive’s generally for monetary gain.

Law enforcement’s noticed a change in this trend in the late 70’s. Although poison remains top on the list. Statistics shows that 20% of the women shoot the victims, 16% suffocate them and 11% stab their prey.

The motives have changed as well. Now the objectives might include attention seeking or revenge. Some kill for power and control. Unlike the males, police find sexual and sadistic intentions are rare. The officers also noticed they’ll occasionally team up with a male murder.

Their career can last up to eight years. The crime’s generally organized, planned. They know who they’re going to target, how it’ll be done and what equipment’s needed. The murder often fantasizes about killing for a lengthy amount of time, before she acts on the compulsion.

Their illusion first begins with random people. The predator conjures up numerous ways to kill and hide the bodies. The perpetrator will research the subject and add the knowledge into the dreams. They’ll start imagining everything about the desired action, right down to the most gruesome details. Many soon find these fantasies reduces stress and makes them feel like they have the ability to regain power and control over her life.

Once she realizes how evil her dream is, she’ll try to stop it, but finds it an impossible task. This frustrates her which causes the dreams to increase, now targeting a specific person. She’ll obsess over every little detail about what’s going to happen before, during and after the murders. The performance will continually play in her mind sending her in a hysteria until she has no choice but, to act on it. When it happens, she’ll choose a victim that’s an easy target. It could be a small child, a family member, or a sick friend.

Committing the murder is easy, since she knows every detail by heart. Once the murder’s performed, regret soon follows. The disappointment isn’t caused by guilt or remorse, it stems from the real murders not living up to her expectations. The perpetrator often wants the person to suffer a long, agonizing death, or expected the scene to be more gruesome. With these desires in mind, they’ll study the methods and try to figure out ways to make the crimes to satisfy their needs. Like the male counterparts, as the criminal progress, gain confidence the killings become horrific.

I’ve written two books on female serial killers they are; Bittersweet Revenge and Town Slayer. Bittersweet Revenge is about an abused child who swore she’d get even with everyone who hurt her. Years later, she’s lurking in the cold, dark shadows, watching, and waiting. Soon she’ll get revenge.

Town Slayer is about a battered wife, who after years of her husband’s brutal torture, and abuse decided to rid the world of all the sadistic husbands.

You can find free a free preview of these on my website at http://www.mindbogglingmystery.com


How to Write a Murder Mystery Story

A general story starts with a problem or goal, something that the protagonist wants to or has to accomplish. A mystery’s geared around a crime. So first choose which one your character’s going to commit.

Next, build a character around this. In order to make the person believable, you should do a little research.  A connection I found useful is http://www.crimelibrary.com/criminal_mind/profiling/index.htm

With a basic profile in mind, imagine how they’ll walk, talk, act and dress. What’s their general appearance? Include the family, friends, and influences? Is the criminal married, have children? What’s their likes, dislikes, interest and hobbies? Where do they work?

What is the motive? Is it out of jealousy, rage, revenge, envy, or greed? Maybe the crook needs money or some other valuable item and the only way to get it is to steal.

Who’s going to be the targets? Is it a random, or someone the murder knows? How and why did the character, choose them?  This takes us to victimology, the victim’s personal information. The information should include; family, friends where the deceased worked, habits and places they visit. If they’re two crimes that have the same motives, the detective might compare the information looking for similarities.

Another thing for the detective to consider is whether they’re high risk or low risk for becoming a target. If the person drinks a lot, uses an excessive amount of drugs, and goes to numerous parties. The behavior puts them at high danger. Low risk would be someone who has a steady job, lots of friends, family, and is well-liked by the community.

The detective could look into how, where the victim was approached, preparation, skills the perpetrator needed and what type of chance the lawbreaker took. How they’re approached tells the police a lot. If the person’s persuaded then the criminal is thought to have good social skills. A forceful, blitz attacker would lack social skills, but has a strong build. If the perpetrator prepared the police will categorize them as being organized, skillful. Killing someone during the day is riskier than at night. Will the time remain the same? This could help the police determine if the wrongdoer has a job or possibly be part of his signature.

Next, choose the location. You should know the area well, either through personal experience or research. The more you know the better. Remember when you’re describing the location, give the important details, but don’t overdo it.
Now picture the crime scene. If it’s a robbery you might see items scattered all around, maybe a broken door, shattered glass or other damaged items. If it’s a murder you’d have the body, possibly blood, gun shell casings, or a weapon. Maybe the killer and victim struggled. If so, the house and its furnishing might be demolished during the encounter. Look at the area what’s out of place, what’s missing? It could be something the criminal took, as a trophy.

How was the body positioned is it or the scene staged? Are there any defensive wounds? What about the clothes is it torn, dirty, and bloody?

It’s time to work on the witnesses. Who saw it happen? What exactly did the witness see? Since their secondary characters, you only need a little detail about their personal appearance, act walk talk dress.

Who do you want the police to suspect? Make a list, create a basic description. Now add thinks like employment, who they hang out with, and family members. These things can either give the suspects an alibi or make them more suspicious.

Last, decide how it will end. Who’s going to solve it and how? Create a list of these possibilities. As you review the ideas, ask yourself if I’m attempting to solve the mystery, which one wouldn’t I anticipate? Try to put a spin on it see if you can make it even less predictable, but not too far fetched either. Sometimes the most obvious is the one the reader won’t guess because it’s too easy.

When starting your story, some suggest introducing the characters in the first few chapters. While others recommend the opposite. In my own stories, I start off with actions within a page or two. The reason I do that is because as a reader, I don’t want to read numerous pages of details half of which I’ll probably forget anyway since I was fed so many details all at one time. No matter how you decide to begin, remember to add a lot of action and suspense, to keep the readers, guessing as the audience continues to turn the pages. If the ending becomes too predictable as you write, change it up a bit. When choosing dialog, be sure it sounds real, the way people really speak. I’ve found reading my story out loud works best.


How to Create Scenes

As writers, we have the gift of creating stories that send readers to unfamiliar places. Experience things they’ve only dreamed. Introduce them to new ideas and concepts. It’s up to you, the writer, to give enough detail so the audience can create a picture in their minds, but not overwhelm them with insignificant facts. So how do you know what’s too much? I’ll explain how to create the perfect scene in the following paragraphs.

First, start by using the 5 senses and then incorporate that with the 5 w’s. What does the person hear, see, feel, smell, touching, tasting? How does the character react?  Add the 5 w’s who, what where when and why. Who is the individual? Where are they and why is the person there? What’s the individual doing? What’s happening? When is it occurring? As you sketch the area, close your eyes and imagine you’re the character in that place and time. Describe what’s around you using your senses and the 5 w’s. Now help the readers picture the scene in their mind though words, thoughts, feelings, and ideas. You can even add props for them to use in these scenes. This will make everything seem real.

For example, Julie walks into her grandma’s spotless apartment. She wishes she could keep her place clean, but four young babies toddling through the apartment makes it difficult to manage even a hint of housework. Maybe someday I’ll have a tidy home again. She sighs deeply. Laying her purse down on the worn floral sofa, she heads off to the kitchen.

“Grandma, are you home”? She asks making her way down the long dark hallway, toward the back of the house. Smelling delicious cookies baking in the oven. She rushes into the kitchen. She loves her grandmother’s homemade cookies since she was a small toddler.

The reader’s probably imagined a tidy apartment, everything displayed just so. Your audience could possibly imagine white tile floors, freshly vacuumed carpets. Perhaps the reader imagined the home smelling clean and fresh, or smell cookies baking in the oven. They might see Julie as a hard-working mother who tries to keep her house tidy, but finds it to be an exhausting chore.

You can easily drowned a good plot using too many details. So when describing something, don’t overdo it. For instance, If I were to add; She set her belongings on the worn out sofa. Looking over she noticed the matching love seat’s in worse condition than the couch, and the recliner looked like it would come apart at any moment. Unless the furniture has any significance in the story, you’re wasting time, by describing it.

Sometimes writers do the opposite and omit important facts. This makes it difficult for the audience to picture a scene in their minds. If I were to say Julie walks into her grandma’s home, and headed back towards the kitchen. You’d see her walking through the house, nothing more, because I didn’t give you enough information to form an image.

How can you tell if you’ve added too much? I found what works best for me is to write it down, then review it, pretending I’m a reader, seeing it for the first time. I pay close attention to all details. As I go over my work, I ask myself, do I need, or want to know that? Is it important? If you’re still unsure, reread the story without it, see if it changes anything significance. Now go over it again. Look for areas where there isn’t a lot of description ask yourself can I easily tell what’s going on, or should I describe it better? What else should I include?

I’d like to add one final thing. You need to familiarize yourself with the area. Once you have a good idea about the location, you can describe it, to your audience better. This will make the story seem real. I must warn you although research is important, adding a lot of research can do a lot of damages.

Traveling to a foreign country can be very rewarding. Imagine how it feels to explore unfamiliar areas, meet new people, try new things. Reflecting on the culture and concepts, while we submerge ourselves in a vast array of experiences. As writers, we can create these unfamiliar places for our audience. Sometimes authors get caught up in our own imagination and add too much description in our work, this causing a great plot to become rubbish.