Crime scene analysis

Profile of a Rapist

The FBI believes they’re organized and disorganized rapists. They break this down further into four subgroups. They are; Power reassurance, power assertive, anger excitation, and anger Retaliatory. I will discuss each of these in the following paragraphs.

The disorganized rapist has a sloppy lifestyle. Their appearance, hygiene, housekeeping even his vehicle, and lifestyles messy. He’s a white male has below average inelegance who didn’t graduate high school. He lacks social skills and tends to stay by himself a lot. His rapes are spontaneous because he lacks the ability to plan ahead. Since it’s unplanned the crime scene’s frenzied, there’ll be evidence and possibly a weapon at the crime scene.
The predator selects random people and talks very little to the sufferer. He could use a weapon, but not restraints. He can become violent, killing his prey. The body remains untouched afterward. He could return. If she dies, he might attend her burial.

An organized rapist life’s extremely structured. They have social skills, but may choose to stay to themselves because they feel others are not worthy. Their intelligence is above average, they have a high school diploma and possibly a college degree.
The lawbreaker comes from a middle-class family. His charm allows him to cons people. They’ll have a girlfriend, hold down a job and will be least likely suspected.
He picks a target who appears to be weak, defenseless someone they can overpower and who makes themselves an easy mark. His victim won’t be someone he knows, but the predator will personalize the attack and he may be violent. There’ll be little evidence left behind. They’ll probably move the body, destroy evidence and controls every aspect of the crime

Power Reassurance (Gentleman Rapist)
Over eighty percent of the law breakers fall into this category. The perpetrator chooses people he’d like to date, the ones he could love. The act’s like a fantasy date to him. He might call afterward to see how she’s doing, possible stop in to see her after the initial meeting.
He comes from a broken home usually living with his mother who tries to dominate him, this adds to his passiveness. He has lower IQ and is a high school dropout. He has self-esteem issues. He lacks social skills, friends, girlfriend and often searches through porn. He has a job, but its unskilled labor.
His first rape’s in his comfort zone and who’s the same race and age. The perpetrator observes the subject and her routine for a while, waiting until she’s alone to strike. He’s a gentleman to her because he believes it’s a date and she’s enjoying herself. He may carry a weapon, but generally only uses it to intimidate his target. They generally use just enough force necessary to do the act, but can become violent if provoked. He may take all of his victim’s clothes off, but displays himself minimally. He collects memorabilia, keeps a diary and may re-assaults his prey. These attacks generally occur between midnight and five in the morning.
Since the motive’s to increase his feelings of self- worth, some targets play up to his self-esteem as a way to talk the wrongdoer out of the act.

The Power Assertive
The predators flashy, outspoken, wears expensive clothes and drives fancy cars. He has a muscular build and thinks he’s superior over others, especially women. He works in a male dominating field.
The law breaker’s probably been married and divorced several times and his police record shows several domestic violence issues.
He selects his subjects at bars, night clubs, choosing inter-racially and who’s around the same age. He’ll con the target into letting him drive her home or walk her to the car.
The crime’s outside his comfort zone to show that he’s a man that he can dominate the opposite sex. The perpetrator becomes violent hitting her repeatedly. He abuses her verbally, vaginal, anally and demands oral sex. His sexual misconduct occurs between seven in the evening until one in the morning. He’ll show no remorse, won’t collect trophies, keep a diary and won’t victimize the sufferer again.

Anger Retaliatory
He comes from a broken home and may have spent a lot of time in foster care. The wrongdoer has been abused by one or both parents mentally and physically.
The predator’s had bad relationships with a woman that’s left him hateful and bitter, so he blames them for everything that’s happened to him in his life.
He has an athletic build, a macho attitude and works in a male dominated job. The predator’s probably married, but steps out on his wife often.
He angers easily and uses the uncontrolled rage to punish the subject for what happened. He assaults his victim verbally, physically, possibly killing his target. He strikes after a traumatic incident involving women has occurred. He can be extremely dangerous if provoked. The unplanned rapes aren’t about sex, but about dominating and humiliating his prey. They usually occur in the area he works or lives.
His target’s interracial and close to his age. The sufferer has injuries to the vagina, anal area, and various parts of the body.

Anger Excitation
The predator beat tortures, then kill his victim. He wants to control, degrade the sufferer so he can feel satisfied sexually.
He comes from a dysfunctional family where he was abused. He has anger issues and be sexually active earlier in life.
They’re in the thirty’s, married, has children. They’ll live in a middle-class neighborhood with little crime. He has above average intelligence, has a higher education and no criminal record.
He carefully plans every detail in advance. The kidnapping, the acts and ways to get rid of the body. The details are important to him, it’s the way he feels sexually satisfied. The law breaker’s mobile and the rapes occur out of his comfort zone, stalking his prey first, caring his rape kit with him.
He transports his sufferer to a secluded area where he won’t be rushed. He might keep his prey tied up for long periods of time victimizing the subject when he chooses. He’ll describe his intentions to instill fear. It’s the fear and not the act itself that excites him.

Crime scene analysis

The Profile of a Mass Murder

The FBI breaks this tragic event into four categories; Genocide, serial, spree and mass murder. Genocide is the destruction of numerous individuals for religious, personal, political, or ethnic beliefs. Serial homicide’s the slaughtering of 3, or more at different times and locations. Spree murders are when three or more people’s killed in varies areas, with little time between the executions. Mass homicide’s three or more massacres during one event. A mass and spree assassin may prepare for the homicides months in advance, but seldom plans the escape.

There’re several motives behind the executions. Some kill for personal beliefs, or political reasons. Another reason’s revenge. The retaliation isn’t necessarily aimed at their targeted victims, but against others who he feels has wronged him. Revenge seekers collect weapons and often acts, dress like a soldier.

Others include power, self- gratification and fame. The offenders wanting power and control dressed in military gear and use assault rifles during the attack. Self-gratification and fame seekers destroy out of passion, to prevent suffering, or eternal damnation. They’ll be the one responsible for the victim’s well-being, father, husband or leader. Occasionally the perpetrator leaves a note explaining the rationale.

There’s a variation in the profiles because most either commits suicide or is killed by a cop afterwards. If the predator’s captured, they’ll show no remorse, display a callous who cares attitude, giving the police little assistance.

Some studies show the assassin comes from a broken home and may, or may not have a mental disease. The killer’s usually a white male, ranging between the ages of 20- 30, a few in their 40’s and 50’s. He generally stays to himself, has few friends and is mobile. They’re good students, don’t have a police record and has never been diagnosed with a mental illness. The crimes he commits stems from years of built up emotions.

Other studies show the mass murders are psychotic, delusional or have depression issues. The target resembles people who wronged them. Sometimes the similarity’s only in the criminals mind. The killing spree may begin after a crisis has occurred. Loss of a family member, partner, job. No drugs or alcohol was consumed beforehand.

The younger perpetrators have few friends’ shows antisocial behavior. They’ve either had a recent loss, was bullied in school and used drugs and/or alcohol before the execution.

The FBI’s grouped the varies assignation techniques into six basic categories, they are; Annihilator, school shootings, disciple, disgruntled employee, Pseudo- command, set and run

 ANNIHILATOR Generally the oldest boy kills everyone in the family at the same time. He could wait for the family to arrive, or go to them. Afterwards the criminal commits suicide, or he’ll be killed by an officer. He has mental issues and displays odd behavior. The predator usually doesn’t execute strangers and motive’s unknown.

School Shootings. Most perpetrators are bullied in school, suffered a recent loss, failure and had weapons training. The chosen location’s a place where safety’s taken for granted. This assassin often tells someone about the attack before it occurs. The individual won’t be the victim, or be associated with the area.

Disciple The leader generally stays in one area, but can move to different locations. His victims are chosen randomly, or he selects the ones that symbolize someone. Once the group’s chosen, the originator will order his disciple to either use guns, biological weapons, poison or gas to assassinate his entire crew, leaving himself as the sole survivor.

Disgruntled employee. This occurs after someone lost their job or is placed on leave of absence. The assailants walk around looking for a specific person, slaughtering others who’s in the way. The motive is unreasonable, unfair treatment. Sometimes obsessive-compulsive disorder may be present, but not psychosis.

Pseudo- command. The predator cautiously plans his attack well in advance, while collecting varies weapon. During the planning, he sees the project as a fantasy and will go through different stages. He first believes it’s for revenge, then he see himself as a hero, saving the world. Lastly, the criminal imagines the act and soon after the massacre begins.

He usually has only a few friends and tends to be mobile. The victims are randomly selected. When captured, he’ll believe he’s an icon for attempting to make what he believes is a needed change and hope others will follow his example.

Set and run. This type of killers uses explosives that they plant, designate and run to a safe location. Others might inject poison into consumable items. The motive’s fame.

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